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Custom fabricated condenser stands

Protect Your Family with Air Scrubber Plus: $849/installed

Air Scrubber Plus® ensures that air ducts, tables, furniture, countertops, bathrooms, doorknobs, and practically every surface you touch is cleaner and safer for your family. It’s as simple as turning on your fan, furnace, or air conditioning system.

Once installed, Air Scrubber Plus® goes to work right away by copying the power of nature outside to clean your home inside. As air passes through the unit, it is transformed by our unique technology. ActivePure™ scrubbers then travel through the ductwork into every corner of your home, effectively treating and purifying the entire house.

HVAC Maintenance Program

Sign up now for our maintenance program for just $199.00 per year! We’ll service your HVAC systems based on seasonal needs. Call us at (504) 488-0826 to sign up today.

Programmable Thermostat

Get your Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat!

Connect the Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat to your Wi-Fi network. Now you’re ready to program, monitor and manage from a smartphone, tablet or computer. It is easy to manage your heating/cooling system or multiple systems. You can also use the large touchscreen display to easily input. Either way, Todays Wi-Fi thermostats has made it more convenient than ever for controlling your home’s comfort and energy savings.

  • Seven-day programmable or non-programmable
  • Up to 3H/2C heat pump; 2H/2C conventional
  • Requires common (C) wire
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Professional installation
  • Cost includes thermostat and installation

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