Now is the Time to Have Your AC Checked

Spring is here New Orleans, and now is the time to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Over the last few weeks you've probably used both your heater and air conditioner in the same 24 hour period. But it won't be long until your air is needed nearly around the clock. 


Heat and Air conditioning are the number one energy expense for your home and business. Here are a few energy saving tips:


#1: Turn your thermostat up to 78 when you are not in the home.

#2: Leave blinds closed to keep "sun heat" out

#3: Use fans to help keep you cool so you won't need to turn the air on high


If you notice icing on your unit:

As you are using your AC more throughout the day, you might notice some icing on the unit. This is NEVER good, and you need to call a technician to come out right away. 


Summer is on the way. Don't wait until the first hot day to have your AC serviced. Just becuase it is working while it's cool, doesn't mean it will work when it gets really hot.


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