Energy Saving = Money Saving A Guide for You

Saving Energy IS Saving Money: A Guide to Energy Efficiency in Your Home or Business



Did you know that dirt and neglect are the two main reasons that heat and air systems fail?

Do you know what to do about it?


Did you know that HALF of all your utility bill is from heating and air conditioning your home? 


Did you know that home utiities can give off TWICE as much greenhouse gasses as your car?


Energy Star, the governments energy saving program, has provided this amazing PDF guide to saving money on heating and air conditioning. It is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to protect the environment and save yourself money both in the short and long run. It is worth reading.


Please check it out:


For more tips from Energy Star visit:


Did you know that according to this report, you should have a qualified technician visiting your home two times per year (spring and fall) to check your system to ensure it functions properly and lasts for as long as it can? 


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