Air Conditioner Service/Maintenance in New Orleans

If you live in New Orleans (or anywhere else for that matter), you need to have your air conditioning unit serviced at least once per year by a trained professional. According to, improper maintanance is one of the main reasons air conditioners cease working, or fail to cool your space properly. 


Maintaining Your Air Conditioner - Department of Energy Tips


Over time, if you don't have your unit serviced, the coils can become clogged with dirt, decreasing air flow and creating a kind of artificial insulation reducing it's ability to absorb heat. Coil fins can become bent and also prevent air flow. Drains can become clogged. You can prevent all of these issues (and more) by having your unit inspected and serviced at least once per year. 


You can also help yourself out, by keeping debris like leaves and dirt away from your unit. These get "sucked" up into the unit over time. Also, if you are moving your lawn or using a weed eater, make sure the discharge is being directed AWAY from your unit, and not at it. If you have a professional lawn maintanance company and they do not observe this practice, please guide them to do so. Lawn mowers, weed eaters, and leaf blowers can literally blow dirt and debris into your unit. 


As it heats up here in New Orleans, you'll want to make sure your unit works. Don't wait until the hottest day of the year to find out your system won't keep up. This happens to a lot of people every year. Don't let this be you. 

Now is the Time to Have Your AC Checked

Spring is here New Orleans, and now is the time to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Over the last few weeks you've probably used both your heater and air conditioner in the same 24 hour period. But it won't be long until your air is needed nearly around the clock. 


Heat and Air conditioning are the number one energy expense for your home and business. Here are a few energy saving tips:


#1: Turn your thermostat up to 78 when you are not in the home.

#2: Leave blinds closed to keep "sun heat" out

#3: Use fans to help keep you cool so you won't need to turn the air on high


If you notice icing on your unit:

As you are using your AC more throughout the day, you might notice some icing on the unit. This is NEVER good, and you need to call a technician to come out right away. 


Summer is on the way. Don't wait until the first hot day to have your AC serviced. Just becuase it is working while it's cool, doesn't mean it will work when it gets really hot.


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Heat Tricks - Save Money on Heating Bill


 14 Great ways to reduce your heating bill! Check out this article from Popular Mechanics. It outlines some great ways to keep heat from escaping from your home. Did you know that you can insulate the plates around outlets to keep heat from escaping? This is just one of many great tips. Check it out!


Click the link below: 


Popular Mechanics Article on Saving Money on Heating


Also, don't forget, one the BEST ways to reduce heating bills is to have your heating unit inspected by one of our professional crew members. This is something the US Department of Energy recommends having done annually. 

Energy Saving = Money Saving A Guide for You

Saving Energy IS Saving Money: A Guide to Energy Efficiency in Your Home or Business



Did you know that dirt and neglect are the two main reasons that heat and air systems fail?

Do you know what to do about it?


Did you know that HALF of all your utility bill is from heating and air conditioning your home? 


Did you know that home utiities can give off TWICE as much greenhouse gasses as your car?


Energy Star, the governments energy saving program, has provided this amazing PDF guide to saving money on heating and air conditioning. It is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to protect the environment and save yourself money both in the short and long run. It is worth reading.


Please check it out:


For more tips from Energy Star visit:


Did you know that according to this report, you should have a qualified technician visiting your home two times per year (spring and fall) to check your system to ensure it functions properly and lasts for as long as it can? 


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When Should I Replace My Furnace

When should my furnace be replaced?acrepair


This is a question we are asked a lot here in New Orleans: When should I replace the furnace in my home?



According to Energy Star and other sources, you should consider replacing your furnace if:


#1: It is more than 15 years old

#2: If your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old

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Tips for Saving Money on Heating Bill

Save Money on Youthermostatr Heating Bill This Winter


It probably feels a little early to be thinking about your heating bill, but now is the time to prepare yourself so you can save some money this winter. 

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